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A prospective cohort study on the relationship between fresh fruit intake and cardiovascular disease in rural residents of Zhejiang Province. (DAR-2020-00174)

Department of Non-communicable Disease Prevention, Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Air pollution, genetic factors and risk of cancer: a prospective study in CKB Biobank. (DAR-2020-00319)

Department of Epidemiology, Nanjing Medical University

An integrated approach to lifestyle risk factors for chronic disease in China. (DAR-2020-00160)

School of Public Health, The University of Sydney

Assessing lifestyle factors relationship with breast cancer mortality. (DAR-2020-00236)

The Nethersole School of Nursing, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Cardiovascular medication use and incidence of colorectal cancer. (DAR-2020-00241)

School of Public Health, Nanjing Medical University

Coarse food grain consumption and health outcomes in a cohort study of 0.5 million Chinese adults. (DAR-2020-00147)

School of Public Helath, Xi'an Jiaotong University

Dairy product consumption and risk of cardiovascular disease in China. (DAR-2020-00282)

School of Public Health , Zhejiang University

Dietary pattern and noncommunicable diseases. (DAR-2020-00111)

Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Peking University

Epidemiological study on risk factors of early-onset colorectal cancer in China. (DAR-2020-00106)

Gastrointestinal Surgery, The First Affiliated Hospital of Guangzhou Medical University

Explore the key factors affecting the development of arthritis, in regions with different economic development levels. (DAR-2020-00250)

Department of Orthopedics, Renmin Hospital of Wuhan University

Fatty acid and ionomics profiles and associations with cardiometabolic traits and major diseases in urban and rural China. (DAR-2020-00113)

Institute for Nutritional Sciences, Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Gender dimorphism of incidence and prognosis of non-reproductive organ malignant tumors. (DAR-2020-00267)

General Surgery, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

GWAS of chrY loss in men. (Genomic Summary Results)

University of Cambridge, Reprogen Consortium

GWAS of healthcare costs. (Genomic Summary Results)

University of Helsinki, GENcost Consortium

Indoor air pollution from solid fuel combustion and risks of prostate cancer, digestive system cancers, and chronic digestive disorders in Chinese population. (DAR-2020-00297)

School of Public Health , Peking University

Mendelian randomization of educational attainment in East Asian populations. (DAR-2020-00204)

Bristol Medical School, University of Bristol

Metaanalysis of reeproductive traists. (Genomic Summary Results)

East Asian Human Reproductive Behaviour Analysis Consortium

Methods for analysing associations with NAFLD. (DAR-2020-00167)

Department of Statistics, University of Oxford

Multi-mediator analysis between dietary habits and risk of cardiovascular disease in Chinese population. (DAR-2020-00120)

Department of Biostatistics, School of Public Health, Nanjing Medical University

Polygenic risk scores for prediction of breast cancer risk in Asian populations. (Genomic Summary Results)

University of Nottingham Malaysia, Cancer Research Malaysia

Pregnancy loss and risks of type-specific cancer in Chinese women: Evidence from the China Kadoorie Biobank study. (DAR-2019-00126)

School of Public Health, Peking Union Medical College

Replication of GWAS associations for age at menopause. (Genomic Summary Results)

University of Cambridge, Reprogen Consortium

Socioeconomic status and cardiovascular outcomes in rural and urban Chinese population: a large-scale prospective cohort study. (DAR-2019-00107)

Cardiovascular Center, Xiyuan Hospital, China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences

Study on associated factors of age at natural menopause and risk for type 2 diabetes mellitus. (DAR-2020-00054)

Department of NCD Control and Prevention, Zhejiang Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Study on risk factors of cardiovascular disease based on Chinese population. (DAR-2020-00154)

School of Life Sciences, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine

Tea consumption and cardiovascular-cause death in China. (DAR-2019-00128)

School of Public Health, Peking Union Medical College

The association between second-hand smoke exposure and sleep quality:Evidence from a longitudinal Dataset in China. (DAR-2020-00216)

National School of Development, Peking University

The association of gum bleeding with cardiovascular diseases and cancer. (DAR-2020-00233)

Cancer Hospital, Tianjin Medical University

The effects of reproductive factors on the development of type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. (DAR-2020-00212)

School of Public Health, Zhejiang University

Understanding the links between metabolic and mental health in the Chinese Kadoorie Biobank. (DAR-2020-00138)

University of Exeter Medical School, University of Exeter

Waist-to-hip ratio: A risk factor for total and cardiovascular mortality in Chinese and US people with diabetes. (DAR-2020-00081)

Department of Diabetes and Endocrinology, Peking University People's Hospital