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Available data

The International Journal of Epidemiology paper China Kadoorie Biobank of 0.5 million people: survey methods baseline characteristics and long-term follow up provides a comprehensive summary of the data collected. The baseline questionnaire and first, second and third resurvey questionnaires provide further details on individual data fields and their storage.  See also summary of available blood biomarker data.  

DATA SHowcase

Study data can be viewed in detail using our online Data Showcase. 

Data Release Schedule

This schedule includes an anticipated period of exclusive use for the CKB collaborative team in China and the UK following the completion of data collection and processing. During this period the CKB team will seek to engage with external collaborators on topics of particular interest. 

 Data description


Baseline survey data (cross-sectional data including demographics, socio-economic status, lifestyle behaviours, medical history and physical measurements.) 

available now

Resurvey data (cross-sectional)

1st Resurvey data (c.20,000)           

available now

2nd Resurvey data (c.25,000)

available now

Health outcome data (ICD-10 coded, Censor Date 1/1/2017)

Cause-specific mortality 

available now

Incident disease event

available now

Blood biomarker data


Various blood biomarker datasets (up to c.20,000)

available now

The questionnaire categories and available cause specific mortality endpoints are shown on this Online Data Request Form (MS Word).